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Sentencing Commissions and Guidelines By the Numbers

by Kelly Lyn Mitchell
The Robina Institute of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice is pleased to present Sentencing Commissions and Guidelines By the Numbers: Cross-Jurisdictional Comparisons Made Easy by the Sentencing Guidelines Resource Center, by Kelly Lyn Mitchell, Executive Director of the Robina Institute. Sentencing Commissions and Guidelines By the Numbers provides an overview of the Robina Institute's online resource, the Sentencing Guideline Resource Center (SGRC). The publication explains how the SGRC functions and provides an overview of the kind of cross-jurisdictional comparisons that can now be made READ MORE

New Model Penal Code for Criminal Sentencing Approved by the American Law Institute: Comprehensive Reform Recommendations for State Legislatures

by Kevin R. Reitz
After 15 years of work, the America Law Institute’s Model Penal Code: Sentencing received final approval at the 2017 ALI annual meeting (approved draft available here). This is the first-ever revision of the celebrated 1962 Model Penal Code.  See the press release from ALI: https://www.ali.org/news/articles/model-penal-code-sentencing-approved/ The new MPCS offers a comprehensive set of statutory recommendations to state legislatures on the subject of criminal sentencing, supported by explanatory comments and extensive research notes. The Code is also addressed to the judicial and executive READ MORE

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