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Sentencing Commissions and Guidelines By the Numbers

by Kelly Lyn Mitchell
The Robina Institute of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice is pleased to present Sentencing Commissions and Guidelines By the Numbers: Cross-Jurisdictional Comparisons Made Easy by the Sentencing Guidelines Resource Center, by Kelly Lyn Mitchell, Executive Director of the Robina Institute. Sentencing Commissions and Guidelines By the Numbers provides an overview of the Robina Institute's online resource, the Sentencing Guideline Resource Center (SGRC). The publication explains how the SGRC functions and provides an overview of the kind of cross-jurisdictional comparisons that can now be made... READ MORE

Prior Record Enhancements: High Costs, Uncertain Benefits

by Richard S. Frase
An offender’s record of prior convictions is a major sentencing factor in all sentencing systems, including all U.S. jurisdictions with sentencing guidelines -- offenders in the highest criminal history category often have recommended prison sentences many times longer than recommended sentences for offenders in the lowest category. For offenders convicted of crimes of low or medium seriousness, a higher criminal history score can also result in a recommended executed-prison sentence instead of the community-based sentence provided at lower history.  These substantial prior record sentencing... READ MORE

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