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Criminal History Enhancements

Criminal History Enhancements

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Criminal History
Criminal History and Recidivism Risk: A Multi-Jurisdictional Comparison

In many guidelines jurisdictions, criminal history enhancements are partially or primarily employed as proxies for risk prevention. But to date, the question of whether these scores are actually valid predictors of risk has been under-explored.

Richard S. Frase
Prior Record Enhancements: High Costs, Uncertain Benefits

An offender’s record of prior convictions is a major sentencing factor in all sentencing systems, including all U.S.

Comparing Three Jurisdictions Cover
Comparing Criminal History Enhancements in Three Jurisdictions

The Robina Institute of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice is pleased to publish a new policy brief on "Comparing Criminal History Enhancements in Three Jurisdictions" by Dr. Rhys Hester, Robina Institute Research Fellow in Sentencing Law and Policy. 


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